Vol 47, No 8 (2004)

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Table of Contents

Estimation of area of a nonuniform vanishing image against the spatial noise background PDF
Andrey P. Trifonov, K. A. Zimovets 1-8
Correction of characteristics of transmitting channels in an active digital antenna array PDF
Vadym I. Slyusar, I. V. Titov 9-13
Approximation of amplitude-frequency responses of minimum-phase recursive digital low-pass filters PDF
I. I. Trifonov, Yu. Yu. Shelepenko, S. Yu. Shelepenko 14-19
An algorithm for linearly constrained adaptive filtering of nonstationary signals PDF
Victor I. Djigan 20-26
Parametric representation of sampled signals and estimation of their parameters PDF
V. L. Seletkov 27-31
The impact of position of a magnetic dipole with respect to the outer boundary of an open cylindrical volume on the remote zone field PDF
Nikolay N. Gorobets, Victor A. Katrich, A. A. Lyakhovskii, Ye. V. Shepilko 32-36
A simulator for a decameter radio channel PDF
G. G. Vertogradov 37-42
A radioengineering system with a moisture content measurement channel PDF
Fedir M. Repa 43-48
Least-squares estimation of probabilistic characteristics of polyrhythmic signals PDF
O. V. Zabolotny, V. Yu. Mikhailishin, Ihor N. Yavorskyj 49-55
An algorithm of data representation in a pulse-Doppler radar systems PDF
V. K. Klochko 56-58
An active quasioptical measurer of physical properties of materials PDF
R. V. Antipenko, E. A. Machusky, N. A. Pershin 59-60