Vol 47, No 2 (2004)

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Table of Contents

REX — the ortogonal exponential transform PDF
A. I. Rybin 1-5
Analysis of frequency-response sensitivity of the second-order sections with a redundant number of multipliers of recursive digital filters PDF
Yu. Yu. Shelepenko 6-12
An algorithm for automation of the maximin procedure in making reliable decisions at tropospheric propagation of radio waves PDF
V. I. Rudakov 13-19
Calculation of current-voltage characteristics of a single-electron transistor with continuous spectrum of energies in the island PDF
V. I. Kanevskii, K. N. Pak 20-24
Comparative estimation of effectiveness of noise signal detectors realized with the aid of Keypone’s algorithm and the optimal algorithm PDF
B. F. Bondarenko, I. N. Sashchuk, V. Yu. Tymchuk 25-29
A method for correction of quadrature disbalance of reception channels in a digital antenna array PDF
Vadym I. Slyusar, O. N. Soloshchev, I. V. Titov 30-35
A method of expansion in basic functions at determining the heat exchange between a quartz resonator and the environment PDF
Yu. I. Yevdokimenko 36-41
Characteristics of the electromagnetic field structure and wave process parameters in the sea tropospheric waveguide PDF
I. L. Afonin, A. A. Bychkov 42-47
A mathematical model of remote control of signals radiated by a glide-path beacon PDF
M. Yu. Vinnikova, V. R. Muhamedchanov, S. A. Tochilkin 48-50
Selection of initial approximation for reconstruction of images in impedance tomography PDF
A. N. Alyoshkin, O. V. Sadkova, V. D. Sadkov 51-54
The use of whitening filters for clutter suppression in mobile radio-communication systems PDF
A. V. Mikushin, A. V. Sedinin 55-59