Sparseness of natural oscillations spectrum for double-mirror open resonator using mode-selective scatterers on one of mirrors surface


  • Vadym L. Pazynin O. Ya. Usikov Institute for Radiophysics and Electronics of National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Kharkiv, Ukraine



open resonator, eigen mode, spectrum sparseness


The effective procedure for spectrum sparseness of natural oscillations of double-mirror open resonators (OR) is proposed. It is based on the placement of scatterers with a specially determined geometric profile on one of the mirrors surface, forming the single mode-selective reflector. This procedure is used to synthesize two profiles of these scatterers for OR with flat and cylindrical mirrors. We propose the rectangular metal bar and the echelette-corner reflector with three rectangular steps symmetric to the plane of resonator symmetry. These scatterers placed on the flat OR mirror provide a minimal effect on the spatial-frequency characteristics of the operating natural oscillation, and significantly reduce the Q-factor of most of the rest oscillations. The spectral characteristics of the OR with these inserts are calculated for excitation by the current source and the eigen mode of a supply waveguide. The possibility of significant decrease in the number of OR natural oscillations is shown, in comparison with the resonator without these scatterers. The effect of increasing the radiation Q-factor of operating oscillation is observed using the echelette-corner scatterer. The technique used to determine the scatterers geometric profile is suitable for spectrum sparseness of the OR of arbitrary dimensions with mirrors of any shapes.


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