Compact CPW-fed multiband antenna for 5G communication




CPW-fed, FSS, lumped port, return loss, U-slot.


This paper proposes a coplanar waveguide fed multiband antenna for Wi-Fi and 5G networking applications. To obtain the desired frequencies, this proposed work used an innovative method consisting of frequency shifting strips (FSS) and a U-slot. The ANSYS HFSS software, a FEM-based electromagnetic field solver, is used to simulate the designed antenna. This planned antenna covers the 5G frequency bands of 28, 35, and 37 GHz, with a maximum gain of 11.61 dB and radiation efficiency of 92%. In the result analysis section, the simulated results are compared to the measured results to check the efficiency of the simulated design. This paper also includes a comparison of the proposed antenna performance with that of other existing antennas. This paper also includes information on antenna gain, VSWR, field distributions, bandwidth, and surface current distributions (both E and H field) about the designed antenna.

Author Biographies

Kaushal Mukherjee, National Institute of Technology, Yupia

Mr. Kaushal Mukherjee, M.Tech, Department of Physics, University of  Burdwan, Golapbag, Burdwan, 713104, India. He completes B.Tech degree in ECE from the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal (Formerly known as West Bengal University of Technology), India. Mr. Mukherjee presently continuing his research work under the supervision of Dr. Sahadev Roy, Assistant Professor  Department of ECE, NIT Arunachal Pradesh

Sahadev Roy, National Institute of Technology, Yupia

Dr. Sahadev Roy, Assistant Professor, Department of ECE, NIT Arunachal Pradesh, Yupia, Papum Pare, 791112, India. He completes B.Tech degree in ECE from the University of Kalyani, M.Tech in Mechatronics from the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (Formerly known as Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur, 2nd oldest Engineering Institute and University in India). He completes his Ph.D degree in ECE from NIT Arunachal Pradesh. He has more than 15 years of teaching experience in Degree Engineering Institute and University.

He supervises 3 PhD leading students and published more than 15 Scopus index papers. He is the Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Engineering and Management (ISSN 2456-8066), also a reviewer of many SCI and Scopus index journal.


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Prototype of proposed antenna with U-slot for 5G





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