Excitation features of surface acoustic waves by interdigital transducer in piezoelectric crystals





piezoelectric, surface acoustic wave, SAW, monocrystal


The mathematical models of a long electrode with finite cross-section dimensions, an electrode pair and an interdigital transducer in the excitation mode of surface acoustic waves in Z-sections of piezoelectric crystals of the 6mm crystallographic class are proposed in this article. The accounting of finite dimensions of the electrodes cross-section makes corrections in the numerical values of the synchronism frequency and the level of radiated surface waves. The analytical expressions are obtained and the effect of the electrode cross-section dimensions in electrode pair on the synchronism frequency, the amplitude of the surface acoustic wave, and the module of wave characteristic of interdigital transducer are investigated. We prove that at zero electrode thickness, the maximum displacement level in surface acoustic wave is of 9.75%, and for the square electrode section is 37.25% less than the value obtained by the δ-sources method. At the same time, the synchronism frequency decreases by 9% in the first case. With the electrode thickness equal to the half-width, the real value of synchronism frequency is of 21.7%, and the surface wave amplitude is 33.1% less than in the case of the δ-sources method.


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Cross-section dimensions of electrode in Z-section of piezoelectric





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