Propagation measurements and calculation of path loss exponent for outdoor cellular communication systems at 3.5 GHz




Urban, Suburban, Path Loss, Wireless Communication, Base Station


In this research we present the measured path loss values in typical urban and suburban areas at the operating frequency of 3.5 GHz. The measurements are carried out using the spectrum analyzer FSH6 in order to record the channel response. The values of path loss exponent n are calculated for urban and suburban environments. We also compare and analyze the path loss predictions with the measured data. The results of this research confirm that in urban areas the path loss estimation is influenced according to the greater distances. At the beginning of the measurements in urban environment the losses are equal 23 dB after 18 m from the measurement survey. The analysis of measurements centers on anticipating the normal signal quality at the collector set at the given remove from the transmitter as well as the changeability of the signal quality in the specific environment. The acquired from this work results are salutary for planning and installation of any base station with similar to the thoughtful locations environments in order to supply rules for cell arranging of remote communication frameworks as path loss could be a key in calculations within the plan of any radio communications framework system.

Author Biographies

Yahia Ahmed Zakaria, National Research Centre, Cairo; Aswan University

Researcher at Engineering Research Division,

Corresponding author:


Ehab K. I. Hamad, Aswan University

A. S. Abd Elhamid, National Research Centre (NRC), Cairo

Professor at Engineering Research Division

Kamel M. El-Khatib, National Research Centre (NRC), Cairo

Professor at Engineering Research Division


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