Analytical and numerical method of constructive synthesis of optimal polarizers based on three irises in square waveguide




waveguide polarizer, square waveguide, iris, equivalent circuit, iris inductive susceptance, iris capacitive susceptance, scattering matrix, transmission matrix, differential phase shift, voltage standing-wave ratio, VSWR, axial ratio, cross-polarization decoupling, CPD


This paper proposes an approximate analytical and numerical constructive synthesis method of optimal waveguide polarizers based on three irises in square waveguide. A mathematical model of polarizer has been developed on the basis of waveguide transmission and scattering matrices. The analytical expressions derived for elements of the scattering matrix were used for determining the electrical characteristics of polarizer. The synthesis conditions were developed in the form of a system of equations, the solution of which should ensure the minimal deviation of the differential phase shift with respect to 90°, the maximum possible flat phase frequency characteristic, and the best matching in the specified frequency band. The method was evaluated on the constructive synthesis of polarizers for three working frequency bands: 7.25–8.6, 7.75–8.5, and 8.0–8.5 GHz. The validity of constructive synthesis results was confirmed by the calculation data of characteristics of synthesized polarizers using the finite element method in frequency domain employing the CST Microwave Studio Software. A satisfactory matching of electrical characteristics calculated by both methods was achieved. For the working frequency band of up to 10%, the proposed method of constructive synthesis ensures a sufficient for practical purposes accuracy in determining the dimensions of polarizer and the corresponding electrical specifications. This method can be also recommended for rapid determination of initial values of polarizer dimensions guaranteeing the operation in the vicinity of global optimum and thereby speeding up the designing of optimal polarizers at the electrodynamic level. In addition, this method can be extended to the constructive synthesis of waveguide polarizers with a large number of irises.


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