Distributed resonators from comparable sections of transmission line





resonator, stepped impedance resonator, SIR, critical frequencies, parametric synthesis, structural-parametric synthesis


The paper proposes new methods of parametric and structural-parametric synthesis of resonators that contain multiple transmission line segments of the same length. These methods allow to optimize resonators of different configurations and with different characteristic impedances of line segments Z0i. Optimal resonators are those that have the minimum ratio m = Z0max/Z0min for a given ratio between critical frequencies (poles and zeros of input impedance). Parametric synthesis refers to stepped impedance resonators (SIR), whose composite segments are oriented along one straight line. Structural-parametric synthesis is applied to resonators of a more general kind, which contain open and short-circuited stubs. Parametric synthesis made it possible to optimize some SIRs that have a useful relationship between critical frequencies. Resonators of more complex configuration are synthesized using structural-parametric synthesis. Their parameters significantly exceed SIR. This is due to the fact that in structural-parametric synthesis the possibilities of choosing the best solution are much wider. The authors proposed a microstrip bandpass filter (BPF) with synthesized resonators, which provide the ratio of the first two resonant frequencies 6.84 and wide stopband at m = 2.2.


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Topology of synthesized resonator with four segments





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