Compact 4x4 CPW-fed MIMO antenna with Wi-Fi and WLAN notch for UWB applications




UWB, ECC, DG, TARC, CCL, MIMO, multiple-input multiple-output, UWB antenna, ultra-wideband antenna


This paper presents a compact CPW-fed MIMO antenna for UWB applications. The four-element CPW-fed antenna is designed as a radiator. The isolations between the same polarized elements and the orthogonally polarized elements are more than 20 and 25 dB, respectively. The floating parasitic element is used to improve isolation at a higher frequency. The simulated and measured 10 dB impedance bandwidth of the proposed MIMO UWB antenna is from 3.6 to 10.3 GHz. The return loss, isolation, radiation patterns, envelope correlation coefficient (ECC), total active reflection coefficient (TARC), diversity gain (DG), and channel capacity loss (CCL) are simulated and/or measured for the proposed antenna. ECCs are less than 0.0022, DGs are above 9.9 dB, TARC has minimum variations in different angles and CCLs are less than 0.4 bits/s/Hz at 10 dB impedance bandwidth. Due to which the proposed antenna can be used in portable UWB applications.


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Top view of proposed 4x4 MIMO antenna





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