Radar surveillance of unmanned aerial vehicles (review)





unmanned aerial vehicle, UAV detection radar, technical requirements, noise jamming, passive interference, signs of recognition, rotor modulation


Radar surveillance of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is actively developing area of scientific research. This article provides a review and analysis of publications in recent years devoted to the methods and radar systems of detection and recognition of classes and types of UAVs. It is noted that the most difficult targets for radar detection are low-sized, low-speed small UAVs (drones) flying at low and extremely low altitudes. If large and medium-sized UAVs can be detected by modern radar systems, then for the detection of small UAVs it is advisable to create specialized highly efficient, highly mobile, portable and inexpensive active UAV detection radars. The technical requirements for such radars are defined and recommendations for their implementation are provided. High-performance protection systems based on adaptive lattice filters are offered to protect UAV detection radars from noise jamming and passive interference. It is shown that the research on the methods of recognizing UAV classes and types is a development of the existing theory and technology of radar recognition of air targets.


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