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Temperature dependence of resistivity for platinum wire thermistor, negistor utilizing transition-metals oxides, vanadium dioxide critistor, doped barium titanate posistor

Large parameters and giant effects in electronic materials

Yuriy M. Poplavko, Yuriy I. Yakymenko


Interpretations of large electromagnetic parameters and giant effects in electronic materials are presented. Conductivity, permittivity and permeability of certain materials can be hundred times higher than normal values. Physical phenomena of magnetoresistivity, nonlinear resistivity, electrostriction, magnetostriction, magnetocaloric and thermistor effects in some materials appear to be giant. Often, but not always, these anomalies are due to the proximity of a substance to its phase transitions. Original explanations of the listed phenomena are given, particularly, the effect of polarization on a huge change of conductivity.


conductivity; dielectric permittivity; magnetic permeability; magnetoresistivity; thermoresistivity; magnetostriction; magnetocaloric effect; varistor; phase transitions

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