Hankel transform application for calculation of ring coils inductance. Part 1





electromagnetic acoustic transducer, inductance, ring coil, Maxwell’s equations, Hankel transform, ferrimagnet


Electro-acoustic transducers of electromagnetic type are mainly use in modern non-destructive monitoring and technical diagnostics devices of metal products. The influence of a measuring device on parameters of recorded signals, i.e. on the measurement results, can be eliminated if the influence of dimensions of emitters and receivers of alternating magnetic field on the efficiency of generation and reception of elastic waves by the electromagnetic-acoustic method is known in advance.

The article is devoted to the development and testing of a method for calculating the inductance of the electrical circuit of ring coils, which are used in electro-acoustic transducers of electromagnetic type. Improvement of computer technology allowed us to apply the methods of integral transformations, which are still considered unsuitable for practical calculations.

The new method for calculating the inductance of an electrical circuit located near a conductive ferrimagnet is presented. The solution for the case of a ring coil in vacuum is shown. The reliability of the proposed method is confirmed by the results obtained, which fully correspond to the well-known statement of electromagnetic field in a conductive ferrimagnet.


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