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Stability of the rate of scanning a laminated optical deflector

D. N. Kosolap, P. F. Sukhodoev, M. V. Srybnik, V. A. Miroshnichenko


Laminated optical deflectors, being rather simple and effective devices, are used for deflecting the beam in laser radiators. One the designs of a laminated optical deflector is shown in Fig. 1 [1]. It consists of a base 4, two active sheets 2 fastened in cantilever fashion in it with a reflector 1 on the free end, which are placed in a field winding 3. The active sheets are made of piezoelectric ceramic or magnetostriction alloys with a different sign of elongation. With placement of such sheets joined by their planes in the appropriate field of an alternating quantity, one of them periodically shortens and the other lengthens, which leads to bending of the sheets and to reciprocal motion of the reflector 1

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