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Method of analyzing the passage of pulses through films with nonlinear parameters in waveguide structures

A. G. Glushchenko


Passage of electromagnetic waves through interfaces has been studied well in a linear approximation. At the same time, nonlinear properties of materials, which are finding ever greater use in superhigh- and extremely- high-frequency equipment, must be taken into account already at power levels usual for communication and information processing systems. Owing to the difficulty of analysis, reflection from interfaces with nonlinear media was examined mainly when analyzing the generation of harmonics and frequency interactions of monochromatic signals. In the present work a method of calculating the parameters of pulses during their passage through the interface of media in free space or in a waveguide with a nonlinear film oriented perpendicular to it axis is examined. It was established that in the case of interactions in the form of step functions, an approximate analytic solution of integrodifferential nonlinear equations describing passage of pulses through a film with nonlinear parameters is possible…

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Glushchenko, A. G. "Theory of microwave waveguide systems with thin nonlinear layers," Radiophys. Quantum Electron., Vol. 31, No. 9, P. 781-785, 1988. DOI:

Glushchenko, A. G. "Method of calculating the parameters of video pulses in waveguide structures with nonlinear films,” Radiotekhnika, No. 11, P. 73-75, 1991.

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