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Investigating the dynamic properties of an MOS-transistor structure

N. P. Likhobabin, L. F. Politanskii, P. P. Vatamanyuk


The literature provides practically no information on the operation of MOS-transistor switches in the low-temperature range. The purpose of the present work was to study the dynamic parameters in the temperature range from 77 to 400 K. The investigations were carried out on horizontal high-voltage MOS structures having a drift region and a polysilicon gate, which had been fabricated on KDB80 plates.

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BACHURIN, V.V.; D’YAKONOV, V.P.; LEVIN, A.V.; ET AL. Powerful high-voltage MOS switching transistors for transformerless power supplies. Elektrichestvo, no. 3, pp. 56-58, 1986.

BLICHER, A. Field-Effect and Bipolar Power Transistor Physics. New York, 1981.



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