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A microprocessor tracking phasemeter

V. V. Grigorenko


The work has proposed a method for constructing a microprocessor tracking phasemeter (demodulator) which implements algorithms for optimal nonlinear filtering. The utilization of microprocessors (MP) in such devices, as is well known, allows significant expansion of the functional capabilities of the latter, but in a number of cases it requires the search for nonstandard solutions in constructing the hardware section and in creating the software. Below we describe one of the possible solutions of the problem of implementing a tracking phasemeter based on an MP.

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TIKHONOV, V.I. Optimal Signal Reception [in Russian]. Moscow: Radio i Svyaz, 1983.

KHARISOV, V.N.; KIRILENKO, Y.N.; MASLIUKOV, M.I.; ET AL. Microprocessor implementation of nonlinear-filtering algorithms. Radiotekhnika, no. 3, pp. 20-24, 1984.



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