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Relationship of the dynamic error in determining the distance vs distance

Enhancing accuracy determination of sources of radio emission coordinates by linear antenna arrays

G. L. Avdeyenko, O. F. Tsukanov, E. A. Yakornov


Two methods have been proposed for enhancing the accuracy in determining the coordinates of radio emission sources by using phase systems based on reducing the dynamic and random errors in terms of the curvature of electromagnetic wave phase front during processing the signals at inputs of linear antenna array. The reduction of dynamic errors stipulated by the limited number of terms of the Maclaurin expansion of the distance-to-source function is achieved by estimating each value of distance and bearing without use of iterative methods. The reduction of random errors occurring during the source motion is performed at the expense of preliminary estimation of values of phase difference of received signals in the process of bearing estimation and values of the difference of phase differences in determining the distance by using the least squares method in the sliding window.


source of radio emission; curvature of electromagnetic wave front; difference of phase differences; dynamic error; random error

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