Pergroup and joint optimization of max-dmin precoder for MIMO with LDPC coding using QAM modulation




MIMO, LDPC, Tx-CSI, max-dmin precoder, SM, BER


MIMO technology not only offers diversity and capacity gains, but also provides higher spectral efficiency and significant link reliability over SISO systems. Many methods are developed to exploit the diversity offered by multi-antenna systems such as Alamouti code and spatial multiplexing that do not require transmitter-side channel status information (Tx-CSI). Other power allocation optimization techniques, also known as precoding, require a full or partial Tx-CSI. These techniques aim to transform the signal before transmission according to different criteria, among which the minimal Euclidean distance seems to be very effective and continues to interest the researchers. Given perfect channel state information at both sides of the communication, we propose in this paper a novel design of wireless transmission schemes that joint the minimal Euclidean distance precoder and error correction coding based on the non-binary low-density parity-check code (NB-LDPC), to finally determine a power allocation optimization solution that adapts a linear precoding block to an NB-LDPC encoded MIMO transmission. In this paper we use a quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM), over a Rayleigh fading channel with a maximum likelihood detection. Simulations results in term of bit error rate confirmed that NB-LDPC codes are particularly well suited to be jointly used with precoding schemes based on the maximization of the minimum Euclidean distance criterion.

Author Biography

Sarra Mahi, Abou Beker Belkaid University

Tlemcen Telecommunication Laboratory


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