Dual band reconfigurable compact circular slot antenna for WiMAX and X-band applications





coplanar waveguide, CPW, circular slot antenna, parallel resonator, reconfigurability, T-shaped resonator


A circular slotted reconfigurable antenna for WIMAX and X-band wireless communication applications is presented. The aim of this article is to design an antenna, which can operate at dual band with high gain. The designed antenna is compact in size with dimensions 32ґ24 mm. CPW feeding is used in the design of frequency reconfigurable antenna, and BAR-64-20V PIN diodes are installed for frequency tuning operation. By employing a T-shaped resonator inside the circular slot and a parallel resonator in transmission line, the dual band operation is realized. The antenna covers WiMAX (3.1–4.5 GHz) and X-band (10.3–11.7 GHz) for such applications as space research and mobile radio astronomy. Frequency switching is attained by the proper positioning of PIN diodes at the circular slot. The proposed compact antenna shows good radiation characteristics and good impedance bandwidth.

Author Biographies

B. T. P. Madhav, K L University

Antennas and Liquid Crystals Research Center, Department of ECE

M. Monika, K L University

Antennas and Liquid Crystals Research Center, Department of ECE

M. Siva Kumar, K L University

Antennas and Liquid Crystals Research Center, Department of ECE

B. Prudhvinadh, K L University

Antennas and Liquid Crystals Research Center, Department of ECE


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