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Photo of fabricated proposed MSA with T-shaped slot

Band-notched planar UWB microstrip antenna with T-shaped slot

Arun Kumar, Manish Kumar Singh


Ever growing demand for higher data rates requires appropriate radiation systems with large bandwidth and stable gain. Microstrip antennas with unidirectional radiation patterns and stable gain are most useful for this purpose. A ground plane defect of microstrip patch antenna is used to breed multiband applications. As a result, the performance of gain, directivity, and bandwidth is enhanced, the geometry and shape of an ultrawideband (UWB) antenna are simplified, and its size is reduced. Thus, it results in the efficient performance with respect to wideband operation. A novel band notching of microstrip truncated UWB antenna is implemented for insusceptibility in the range 5.2–5.8 GHz. The suggested structure contains circular truncated and T-shaped slots for band notching. The optimal results can be obtained by selecting the antenna parameters. Advantages of the proposed antenna include small size, better impedance match and simple design. Details of the suggested and observational solutions are demonstrated in this paper. The S11 parameter of antenna is –45.5 dB at a resonant frequency of 4.6, 5.5, and 9.8 GHz. The gain of antenna is 5.47 dB, and the value of VSWR is smaller than 2, which makes the proposed structure an ideal choice for its application in wireless communication, 5G and IoT.


UWB; band notching; truncated; microstrip

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