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Surface current distributions of the antenna at the frequency 3.5 GHz

Printed planar monopole antenna design for ultra-wideband communications

Neelaveni Ammal Murugan, Ramachandran Balasubramaniam, Hanumantha Rao Patnam


This paper presents an ultra wideband (UWB) planar printed monopole antenna fed by microstrip line. The antenna configuration contains a beveled ground plane. The beveled partial ground plane improves the impedance bandwidth. The measured frequency response demonstrates that the fabricated antenna exhibits an impedance bandwidth of 7.9 GHz over 3.1 to 11 GHz for VSWR < 2. The proposed antenna has ultra-wideband characteristics with omnidirectional radiation pattern and stable gain. Ultra-wideband performance of the proposed antenna is examined through the simulated surface current distributions. Measured results confirm that the antenna is suitable for UWB applications due to its compact size and high performance characteristics.


beveled ground plane; microstrip line; printed monopole antenna; ultra wideband

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