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Geometry of the p-i-n structure

Self-action of intense millimeter waves in waveguides with integrated p-i-n structures

I. Moroz, Volodymyr V. Grimalsky, Svetlana V. Koshevaya, A. Kotsarenko


The nonlinear interaction of high power millimeter (mm) electromagnetic waves with silicon integral p-i-n structures placed in a metal waveguide is theoretically investigated. The level of double injection of charge carriers due to detection of high intensity millimeter wave electric field in p-i-n structures is estimated. A mathematical model of the mutual influence of electromagnetic waves and injected charge carriers in the active region of p-i-n structures is formulated. A numerical solution of the nonlinear Helmholtz equation supplemented by proper boundary conditions on the active region boundary is obtained. The effect of high-power electromagnetic waves leads to an excessive injection of carriers into the active region of the semiconductor between p+-i, n+-i injection junctions and redistribution of the electric field in the structure. The reflection and transmission coefficients vary rapidly with the change in the input amplitude of the electromagnetic wave. This leads to bistability of these coefficients. The bistability is more pronounced in the low-frequency part of the mm range.


integrated p-i-n-structure; millimeter wave; self-action; bistability

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