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CVC of Schottky barriers for different annealing temperature

Technological fabrication features of microwave device with Schottky barriers

V. S. Dmitriev, L. B. Dmitrieva, E. Ya. Shvets


At present, research and development of heterojunctions are conducted in the directions of searching for new compositions and technological regimes for the creation of ohmic and barrier transitions for gallium arsenide. The transition to silver-based metallization, which has large thermal and electrical conductivity comparing with gold and a relatively low diffusion coefficient to gallium arsenide, should improve the technical characteristics of the devices. One of the most important technological operations in the formation of Schottky ohmic contacts and barriers is thermal annealing. Silver to gallium arsenide contacts are made in vacuum by the method of thermal evaporation. The deposition and thermal treatment regimes for creating ohmic contacts of Ag–Ge–In/n–n+GaAs with specific contact resistance rc = (5...7)´10–5 W×cm2 are developed. The influence of the substrate temperature during the silver deposition and the annealing temperature on the height of the Schottky barrier Ag/n–n+GaAs, the injection coefficient g and the nonideality factor h is established.


Schottky barrier; microwave device; Gallium arsenide; epitaxial film; etching; thermal treatment; contact

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