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Attractors 3–6 in the form of limit cycles of steady-state periodic oscillations in the phase plane of AOD

Simulation of high-power 8-mm band avalanche-oscillator diodes

Pavlo P. Maksymov


The results of computer simulation of 8-mm band high-power avalanche-oscillator diodes (AOD) based on abrupt reverse biased p–n junctions with constant voltage have been presented. It is shown that AOD synchronously generate two oscillations in p- and n-regions of p–n junction, respectively. A technique is proposed for determining the parameters that ensure the diode operation in the mode of coherent oscillations. It is shown that the diode output power in this operation mode increases at the expense of summing-up the electron and hole components. The dynamic range of output power and the electronic efficiency are also determined.


avalanche-oscillator diode; discrete Fourier spectrum; electronic efficiency

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