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The program interface for finding optimal routes based on ant colony algorithm

Wireless sensor networks based on modular arithmetic

Jingliang Chen, Vasyl V. Yatskiv, Anatoly A. Sachenko, Jun Su


The authors propose the method for data coding in wireless sensor networks (WSN) based on the transformation of the residue number system and multipath routing. It enables to utilize efficiently the bandwidth of communication channels as well as reduce message delivery time. It is explored the ant algorithm to search an optimal route of data transmission in the wireless sensor network. There is introduced a limitation for the communication radius of the wireless unit that shorts a number of the search decision modes and improves the accuracy of the wireless network simulation. The correspondent software is designed, it allowes exploring the dynamics of finding the optimal transmission path in WSN in case of different algorithm settings, and exploring the impact of the elite ants on the accuracy of the found path.


wireless sensor network; residue number system; multipath routing; ant algorithm

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