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The cell of double-layer two-dimensionally periodic structure with metallic “sockets”

Rotation of the polarization plane by double-layer planar-chiral structures. Review of the results of theoretical and experimental studies

A. A. Kirilenko, S. A. Steshenko, V. N. Derkach, S. A. Prikolotin, D. Yu. Kulik, Sergey L. Prosvirnin, Lyudmila P. Mospan


This article provides examples that illustrate the search for different two-layer metamaterials that provide rotation of the polarization plane (“optical activity”). Selected objects show a twenty-year history of the search for a new principle of creation of polarization rotators based on planar metamaterials that were implemented in the form of thin-layered periodic structures. The manifestation of optical activity, presence or absence of satisfactory or perfect matching, the possibility of a multiband phenomena, the role of high spatial harmonics in “electromagnetics” such effect are explained by the features of the eigen-oscillations that are excited in the gap of the multilayer structure.


2D chirality; double-layer screen; double-layer iris; optical activity; dihedral symmetry; eigen oscillations

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