Selection of parameters of the ferrite element for pulse UWB receiving antenna




pulse electromagnetic field, ultrawideband pulse signal, receiving antenna, magnetodielectric cylinder, closed loop, diffraction, impulse of electromotive force


The theoretical model of pulse ultrawideband (UWB) receiving antenna consisting of a ferrite element surrounded by a coil of conductor is investigated. The magnetodielectric cylinder of infinite length is selected as the ferrite element. The excitation UWB signal represents a pulse of electromagnetic field with the envelope in the form of a Gaussian function with high-frequency filling signal. The peculiarities of amplitude-time dependence have been considered for the pulse of induction electromotive force occurring in the closed conducting loop, which surrounds the cylinder, under the assumption of absence of its influence on the scattered fields inside and outside the cylinder. The connection between the electromagnetic parameters of the ferrite element and the frequency-time parameters of the excitation pulse electromagnetic field, which are optimal from the point of view of effective undistorted signal reception, has been determined.


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