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Geometrical interpretation of complex hypothesis

Adaptive sequential detection of target trajectory using decision statistics of pips at the unknown signal-to-noise ratio

Oleksandr S. Neuimin, S. Ya. Zhuk


Adaptive algorithms of multialternative sequential detection of target trajectory using the upper and lower thresholds and employing decision statistics of pips at the unknown signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) have been derived on the basis of the sequential criterion of simple complement. The application of lower thresholds made it possible to implement the procedure of discarding unsuccessful hypotheses. An adaptive two-alternative sequential algorithm of target track detection was developed using decision statistics of pips with SNR estimation by the criterion of error mean square minimum. The statistical simulation was used to analyze the algorithms for the case of target track detection on the basis of data of the surveillance radar that measures the range and radial velocity of target.


target track detection; unknown signal-to-noise ratio; Wald test; decision statistics of pips; likelihood function

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