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Mixture of active and passive components of combined interference at the input of the main channel of automatic compensator

Method of compensating the active component of combined interference in coherent pulse radar

Dmytro M. Piza, Yevhen A. Zviahintsev, Garri V. Moroz


The combined impact of active and passive interferences on coherent pulse radar was investigated. A mathematical model was developed implementing a new method for compensating the active component of combined interference in coherent pulse radar employing spectral differences in the structure of active and passive interferences. The results of simulation reveal that the polarization-time signal processing involving the use of rejection filters for suppression of passive interferences in circuits of forming the weight coefficients of automatic compensator make it possible to significantly enhance the quality of active interference compensation under conditions of exposure to combined interferences. The rejection of passive interference in circuits of forming the weight coefficients is shown to eliminate the distortion of passive spectrum distortion at the output of adaptive polarization filter.


coherent pulse radar; automatic compensator; combined interference; polarization-time processing; spectrum distortion; noise immunity

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