Designs of multi-bit sigma delta modulator




analog to digital converter, sigma delta modulator, noise shaping, MASH, signal to noise plus distortion ratio, oversampling ratio


This paper presents new design variants of third order multi-bit sigma delta modulator (SDM): low distortion SDM and cascaded SDM. The proposed modulator based on the conventional SDM such L-0 MASH (Multi-stAge noise SHaping) and interstage feedback topology. The MASH SDM is not a single loop system. One of the drawback is that performance is limited by uncancelled noise from the first modulator and interstage feedback topology only cancels nonlinear errors introducing by multi-bit DAC in the final stage, but the rest stage still contains DAC nonlinearity errors without any noise shaping which still degrade overall system performance. An improved version of cascaded multi-bit SDM is proposed to overcome these problems mentioned above. In addition a third order low distortion SDM is also proposed. Simulation results verify the superiority of the both proposed modulator.


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