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Three-resonator delay filter

Stripe delay filters

Alexander V. Zakharov, Mykhailo Ye. Ilchenko, Igor V. Trubarov, Ludmila S. Pinchuk


There are considered constructions of microsized stripe delay filters, which are realized on a basis of ceramic materials with high dielectric permittivity. Delay time of non-minimal phase filters is 7–12 ns at frequencies of 1900 MHz with relative bandwidth of 3.6–3.85%. Filters dimensions are comparable with ones used in portable communication devices. Dimensions of researched three-resonator filter at frequency of 1900 MHz are 8.4×5×2 mm with material dielectric permittivity εr = 92, and 5-resonator filter ones are 9.2×8.6×2 mm. Filters are different from traditional delay filters. Two filters of considered ones contain odd resonator number and the third one contains four resonators and it has two cross couplings. The basis of the filters is amount of step-impedance stripe resonators pairs located close to each others whose electromagnetic coupling behavior is capacitive. There are represented the results of frequency characteristics simulation for different delay filters.


delay filter; group delay time; coupling coefficient; frequency characteristics; bandwidth; cross coupling

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