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Efficient coefficient of electromechanic coupling

Active elements on a basis of ZnO nanorods for energy harvesting devices

Anatolii T. Orlov, Veronika A. Ulianova, Andrii I. Zazerin, O. V. Bogdan, G. A. Pashkevich, Yuriy I. Yakymenko


It is represented the research of piezoelectric properties of nanorods and their application in energy harvesting devices. According to the simulation results with method of finite elements the value of electromechanic coupling coefficient of monolayer from ZnO nanorods is greater than one in compare to uniform film application. The sample manufacturing method consists of application of traditional microelectronic technique for shaping of top and bottom electrodes and also application of two-steps low-temperature chemical synthesis for ZnO nanorods. To provide acoustic perturbation of the sample the piezoceramic element is used in multilayer structure fixed on the glassceramic substrate. The results are obtained for two measurement modes, providing oscillations perturbation by rectangular pulses source and by harmonic generator. Obtained results demonstrate high efficiency of piezoelectric transformation for monolayer, which consists of ZnO nanorods that is possible to be used in different self-powered devices.


energy harvesting devices; ZnO nanorods; efficient factor of electromechanic coupling; hydrothermal synthesis; multilayered structure

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