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Spatial distribution for the amplitude of the alternating component of the Stokes vector at the output of a modulator

Amplitude and phase-frequency characteristics of the magneto-optical modulator based on the bimorph element in the mode of magneto-mechanical oscillations

I. V. Linchevskyi, A. V. Skripets


This article presents the theoretical calculations of spatial distribution of the amplitude and phase characteristics of the Stokes vector for a magneto-optical modulator based on the magneto-optical crystal in the framework of a bimorph plate of rectangular shape for the fundamental mode of magneto-mechanical oscillations. The geometry of the magnetic fields and the direction of light propagation relative to the crystallographic axes provide the occurrence of linear and quadratic magneto-optical effects with respect to the magnetic field. It has been shown that due to the phase delays of voltages, which are excited in the bimorph plate in the frequency range of fundamental acoustical mode, the elements of the Stokes vector of the output radiation obtain spatially dependent amplitude variations within 10% range and phase variations within the range of π.


magneto-optical modulator; Faraday effect; bimorph plate; magneto-mechanical resonance

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