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Relationship Acc%(Tl) for different values of averaging parameter

Estimation of late reverberation spectrum: optimization of parameters

Arkadiy M. Prodeus, Valeriy P. Ovsianyk


Correction of speech signals distorted by reverberation is topical in building communications systems, automatic speech recognition systems, and hearing aids. The late reverberation suppression by the spectral subtraction method or the frequency correction method involves the need of estimating the late reverberation spectrum. Though the procedure of such estimation is generally developed, a number of uncertain items related to its optimization still exist. Recommendations elaborated in this study make it possible to optimize the estimation of late reverberation spectrum in terms of such criteria as the speech signal quality and the accuracy of automatic speech recognition by using computer simulation methods.


late reverberation suppression; late reverberation spectrum; automatic speech recognition; speech signal quality; Acc%; PESQ; BSD; SRR; LSD

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