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Structures based on wafers of grades SAG-2BK and SAGIS with epitaxial layers formed on semi-insulating gallium arsenide substrate

Peculiarities of stable oscillations of high amplitude current occuring in long high-impedance planar-epitaxial gallium-arsenide-based structures

Alexandr I. Mikhailov, Anton V. Mitin, Ilya O. Kozhevnikov


The results of experimental investigation for determining the effect of different factors (distance between contacts, type of contacts, and the grade of virgin wafers) on the origination of stable oscillations of high amplitude current in long planar-epitaxial structures based on high-impedance semi-isolating n-type gallium arsenide have been presented. It was found out that the distance between the anode and cathode contacts was a key factor determining the emergence of stable oscillations of high amplitude current in such structures.


semi-insulating gallium arsenide; recombination current instability; functional electronics

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