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RP of the suggested antenna, that are calculated at the frequencies 190, 260, and 330 MHz using the crystal_U software and using the HFSS software

End-fire ultrawideband low profile dipole-slot antenna

Fedor F. Dubrovka, A. V. Tolkachev


This paper presents a simple end-fire ultrawideband dipole-slot antenna, which consists of a single plate dipole located above the screen and loaded by two slots, that are formed by three metal sheets. The results of numerical investigation of its matching and radiation characteristics using integral equations technique for the current and the charge are demonstrated in the article. An optimized variant of the antenna has a low profile (0.17λmax) and in the frequency range with bandwidth ratio 3.2:1 it provides VSWR < 2 in the case of excitation by the 50 W feeder, and also it provides almost unalterable shape of the radiation pattern for the wavelengths, which are close to the λ/2 distance to the screen, what cannot be obtained for the dipole antenna above the screen. It has been shown that such an effect is achieved due to the in-phase combining of the radiations emitted by the dipole-slot system and by the screen in the front half-space.


vibrator-slot antenna; end-fire antenna; ultrawideband antenna; low profile antenna

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