Peculiarities of the modulation of optical radiation during magnetomechanical oscillations in bilayer composite structures




magnetomechanical oscillations, magneto-optical crystal, resonance, magneto-passive layer, magnetostriction


Peculiarities of the modulation of optical radiation during the excitation of magnetomechanical oscillations in a composite structure consisting of magneto-optical crystal and magneto-passive layer have been studied. Analytical expressions for the amplitude- and phase-frequency characteristics of a magneto-optical light modulator based on the Faraday effect for a low-frequency mode under conditions of magnetomechanical resonance were obtained. The results of theoretical and experimental investigations of a modulator in the form of bilayer composite structure consisting of yttrium iron garnet and quartz glass were presented. The relative change of the amplitude of polarization plane rotation in the region of resonance frequencies at the level of 25% and the phase delay of 22° were obtained experimentally.


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