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Field patterns of CChI low-Q eigenoscillations

Natural oscillations providing 90° polarization plane rotation by planar chiral double-slot irises

A. A. Kirilenko, N. G. Kolmakova, Andrey O. Perov, S. A. Prikolotin, V. N. Derkach


The common origin of the “enhanced transmission” through small holes and polarization plane rotation (“optical activity”) resonances peculiar for a pair of conjugated planar chiral irises is demonstrated. The eigenoscillation spectra are studied extensively from the “aperture” eigenoscillations of plane junctions responsible for the “enhanced transmission” through the planar chiral iris up to the eigenoscillations of “dihedral” symmetry formed in a composite double slot planar chiral iris. Their excitation results in polarization plane rotation of the dominant mode in a square waveguide. A new compact unit for TE01 to TE10 conversion operating within 5–10% frequency band is proposed and validated experimentally. All conclusions are valid for various types of metasurfaces based on the “fish-net” gratings.


dihedral symmetry; eigenoscillations; optical activity; planar chiral iris; polarization rotation

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