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Striated structure of multicomponent langasite crystal sample (XZ-plane)

Acoustooptic technique of nondestructive quality control of crystals used in acoustoelectronics

Olga L. Balysheva, Victor V. Kludzin, Sergei V. Kulakov, Oleg V. Shakin


Acoustooptic modification of implementation of nondestructive crystals’ quality control technique is proposed. The potentials of the technique for the investigation of the properties of crystals used in acoustoelectronic devices are shown. Acoustooptic Schlieren images technique has been applied. Visualization of acoustic fields’ structure has allowed us to estimate the optical homogeneity of the material and to determine the spatial characteristics of the acoustic waves, the effects of divergence and deviation of propagation direction from the wave normal.


acoustoelectronics; acoustooptics; acoustooptic technique; nondestructive testing; crystals; Schlieren images technique; acoustic waves

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