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Traces of real signals of UHR CE

Radioelectronic technologies in the ultrahigh resolution electrocardiography for early diagnostics of cardiopathologies

Kirill Vadimovich Zaichenko


The background, features and characteristics of the ultrahigh resolution electrocardiography (UHR ECG) method and its place among the other state-of-the-art electrocardiographic methods (ECG methods) have been described. The approaches and radioelectronic technologies used in the development of devices for the primary processing of electrocardiosignals (ECS) and algorithms of their secondary processing by the UHR ECG method were considered. In addition, the technique for performing experimental investigations on test animals and registration of ECG data were also considered in the search for new diagnostic signs of cardiopathologies. The possibilities of obtaining information regarding the development of ischemic heart disease by means of ECG signals registered by the UHR ECG method were described.


electrocardiography; electrocardiosignal; ultrahigh resolution; primary and secondary processing; myocardial ischemia

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