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Circular constellation (5,11) for 16-point

Comparative study of 24 kb/s ADPCM algorithms

Muhanned AL-Rawi, Muaayed AL-Rawi


The paper is devoted to comparison of four algorithms of 24 kb/s ADPCM, standard ADPCM (ADPCM-1), and three new modified algorithms (ADPCM-2, ADPCM-3, ADPCM-4). The purpose of the modified algorithms is to reduce the nonlinear distortion introduced by ADPCM when high data rate signal passes through it. The performances of the four algorithms are researched using QAM signal at data rate of 9.6kb/s. The simulation results show that the performance of ADPCM-4 is better than that of ADPCM-3, and the performance of ADPCM-3 is better than that of ADPCM-2, and the performance of ADPCM-2 is better than that of ADPCM-1.


24 kb/s; ADPCM algorithms; data transmission

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