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Model of surfaces of CM AGM86C

Calculation of scattering characteristics of aerial radar objects of resonant sizes based on iterative algorithm

Gennady S. Zalevsky, Oleg I. Sukharevsky


The paper considers a method for calculating the scattering characteristics of aerial radar objects of resonant sizes and complex shape, the surface of which can be assumed perfectly conducting. This method is based on applying an iterative algorithm for solving the magnetic field integral equation. The developed method allows obtaining stable results in the case of large-dimensional matrices of integral equation and provides for the elimination of internal resonances caused by the idealization of mathematical model. Peculiarities of the developed numerical algorithm are discussed. The calculation results of the effective cross-section of test object obtained by different methods were compared. In addition, the calculated range profiles of cruise missiles in the VHF band are presented.


range profile; integral equation; resonant object; scattering characteristics

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