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Experimental relationships of the voltages of intermodulation products of frequencies as a function of the attenuator attenuation obtained for the CS–CS structure

Intermodulation in series balanced circuits of field-effect transistor amplifiers

Anatoly M. Bobreshov, Nina N. Mymrikova, V. V. Pogozhev, V. I. Zakharov, Yurii P. Sbitnev


Techniques for the reduction of intermodulation distortions at the expense of compensation in broadband multistage amplifiers with p-n junction field-effect transistors have been investigated. Different series and balanced amplifying structures and their combinations were considered; for each amplifier the conditions of compensating the intermodulation products of the second and third orders were obtained. This formed the basis for establishing and implementing the possibility of compensation of input intermodulation interferences in the amplifier with balanced connection of nonlinear stages. The compensation effect was corroborated by experiment.


intermodulation distortions; interference; compensation; series and balanced structures; inverting and non-inverting stages; field-effect transistor; FET; source; gate

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