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Coaxial horn antenna loaded with multi-layer dielectric

Analysis of dielectric loaded hybrid mode coaxial horns

Yuriy A. Ovsianyk, Fedor F. Dubrovka, Rostyslav F. Dubrovka


This article presents a numerical solution for radiation from a novel coaxial horn with a partial dielectric loading. The horn is represented as a set of three-layer dielectric loaded coaxial waveguide sections. Characteristic equation has been obtained to calculate phase coefficients for hybrid modes in each section. Applying mode matching technique generalised scattering matrices for each junction between the sections have been obtained, besides that power coupling integrals for each of three different type of junctions have been found in closed-form solutions. Cascading these scattering matrices with transmission matrices of each section yields a generalised scattering matrix of the horn. For the given excitation at the throat of the horn, amplitude and phase of eigenmodes at the aperture of the horn have been determined. Finally, Fourier transform integral of the aperture electric field has been applied to solve radiation problem of the horn. Numerical results on propagation and radiation characteristics of the first four hybrid modes of the horn are presented and it is validated that this solution can be successfully used for full-wave electromagnetic analysis and optimisation of multiband dielectric loaded coaxial feeds.

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