Express method of finding recombination parameters in technological silicon plates


  • S. V. Chyrchyk Mykhailo Boichuk Kyiv State Academy of Decorative-Applied Arts and Design, Ukraine



recombination parameter, surface recombination, silicon plate


In this paper a new method of finding recombination parameters, such as surface recombination rate, "effective" and "bulk" lifetime of charge carriers, of a silicon plate based on only one measurement. This method is grounded on injection of charge carriers by pulse illumination of a local region of semiconductor’s fundamental absorption region with light and measuring the time dependence of concentration of non-equilibrium charge carriers. The method is tested in manufacturing conditions on technological silicon plates and may be used for quality control in manufacturing of solar elements.

Author Biography

S. V. Chyrchyk, Mykhailo Boichuk Kyiv State Academy of Decorative-Applied Arts and Design

(2012) V. E. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics of NAS of Ukraine


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