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Comparative analysis of the Lyapunov function for different strategies of analogue circuits design

A. M. Zemliak


Generalized methodology has been developed for analogue circuits design based on applying the optimal control theory. The problem of time optimal system design was defined as a classical functional optimization problem of the optimal design theory. In this case the process of analogue circuits design is mathematically defined as a dynamic control system. In this context the minimization problem of the processor time of designing can be formulated as a minimization problem of the response time of dynamic system. In order to analyze the properties of such a system, it is proposed to use the concept of the Lyapunov dynamic system function. Using this function and its time derivative a special function has been built that allows us to predict the total processor time of circuit design by using the characteristics of the initial period of designing. Numerical results indicate the possibility of predicting the processor time of different design strategies in terms of the special function behavior.

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