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On the issue of peculiarities in forming the current distribution along the conductor of helical radiators

L. M. Lobkova, A. V. Troitsky, A. L. Belyi


The paper presents the results of numerical analysis of the amplitude-phase current distribution in cylindrical and spherocylindrical monofilar helix radiating elements obtained by using the generalized method of induced emf. The characteristics of radiation field were determined and their interrelations with geometrical parameters of radiating element were also detected.

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L. M. Lobkova, V. V. Golovin, and A. V. Troitskii, “Peculiarities of the amplitude–phase distribution of current on the surface of spherical mirror,” Elektronika i Svyaz’, No. 29, 70 (2005).

L. M. Lobkova, V. V. Golovin, and A. V. Troitskii, “Radiation characteristics of a spherical antenna with a controlled radiation pattern,” Izv. Vyssh. Uchebn. Zaved., Radioelektron. 49(4), 46 (2006).

L. M. Lobkova, V. V. Golovin, and M. I. Redin, “The impact of directional and frequency properties of a helix feed on the radiation characteristics of spherical antenna,” Elektronika i Svyaz’, No. 2, 75 (2006).

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