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Decomposition of electromagnetic wave into orthogonally polarized components by an antenna system

Ludvig Ya. Ilnitskiy, A. V. Fetsun


The paper gives theoretical substantiation of the possibility for usage of a turnstile antenna for representing the incident wave with circular polarization in an arbitrary polarization basis by two orthogonal waves with elliptical polarization and with ellipticity factors specified beforehand.

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IL’NITSKII, L.Y.; SAVCHENKO, O.V.; SIBRUK, L.V. Microwave Aerials and Devices. Textbook for Higher School [in Russian, ed. by L. Ya. Il’nitskii]. Kiev: Ukrtelecom, 2003.

IL’NITSKII, L.Y.; TYCHINSKII, A.V.; FETSUN, A.V. A device for measurement of polarization parameters. UA Patent No. 56024A (15 April 2003).

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