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Vol 50, No 4 (2007) Analysis of stabilization quality false alarm probability by a radar adaptive detector in order statistics Abstract
F. M. Andreev, I. V. Taranchenko
Vol 50, No 7 (2007) Analysis of suboptimal detection-discrimination algorithms of compound ultra-wideband signals in multipath channels with undefined structure Abstract
Yu. S. Radchenko, A. A. Zaitsev
Vol 52, No 10 (2009) Analysis of the control vector structure in analog networks design Abstract
A. M. Zemliak
Vol 53, No 3 (2010) Analysis of the data transmission system based on the manipulation with statistical characteristics of a random process Abstract
Vladimir I. Parfenov, E. V. Sergeeva
Vol 57, No 8 (2014) Analysis of the DF-power method of target passive location based on a single direction-finder Abstract
Yury G. Bulychev, Vladimir Yu. Bulychev, Svetlana S. Ivakina
Vol 47, No 11 (2004) Analysis of the second-order statistical characteristics of a rapidly fading radio signal Abstract
Vladimir I. Parfenov
Vol 61, No 2 (2018) Analysis of wideband microstrip antenna based spectrum occupancy measurement campaign for cognitive radio application Abstract
Siddharudha Shivputra Shirgan, Uttam Laxman Bombale
Vol 50, No 6 (2007) Analysis, properties and potential performance capabilities of a parametric circuit. Resonance Abstract
V. V. Beloglazov, N. D. Biryuk, V. V. Yurgelas
Vol 55, No 11 (2012) Analytical calculations of anode plasma position in high-voltage discharge range in case of auxiliary discharge firing Abstract
Igor V. Melnyk, S. B. Tugay
Vol 56, No 7 (2013) Analytical performance evaluation of adaptive detection of fluctuating radar targets Abstract
Mohamed Bakry El Mashade
Vol 49, No 3 (2006): Military Radioelectronic Technologies Analytical representation of polarized signals Abstract
V. L. Seletkov
Vol 50, No 10 (2007) Analytical solution of a system of nonlinear measuring equations of a 12-pole microwave reflectometer Abstract
Yu. B. Gimpilevich, Yu. Ya. Smailov
Vol 32, No 11 (1989) Analyzing the effect of nonlinearity on the efficiency of adaptive antenna arrays Abstract
V. V. Popovskii, L. A. Marchuk
Vol 61, No 3 (2018) Analyzing the impact of augmented transistor NMOS configuration on parameters of 4x1 multiplexer Abstract
Prateek Jain, Amit M. Joshi
Vol 35, No 11 (1992) Anomalous dispersion in the region of self-absorption of electron-hole plasma of a heterostructure laser Abstract
V. A. Aksyutenkov, E. N. Khabarov
Vol 57, No 1 (2014) Antenna system for measuring electromagnetic field parameters Abstract
Ludvig Ya. Ilnitskiy, Olga A. Shcherbyna
Vol 48, No 5 (2005) Application of a nonlinear method of restoration in combination with sparse antenna arrays in radiometric imaging systems Abstract
Ivan N. Prudyus, Ye. I. Klepfer, L. V. Laz’ko
Vol 49, No 3 (2006): Military Radioelectronic Technologies Application of chaotic dynamics methods for concealment of information in communication systems and networks Abstract
Pavlo Yu. Kostenko, S. I. Sivaschenko, A. V. Antonov, T. P. Kostenko
Vol 57, No 8 (2014) Application of functional spaces theory in the simulation of nonlinear radio engineering devices Abstract
Alexander V. Nenashev
Vol 49, No 12 (2006) Application of iterative methods for problem of diffraction by periodic structures Abstract
V. M. Morozov, V. I. Magro
Vol 54, No 4 (2011) Application of MIMO technology in wideband millimeter range wireless communications systems Abstract
V. T. Ermolayev, A. G. Flaksman, A. E. Rubtsov, S. A. Tiraspolsky, V. Yu. Semenov, M. A. Sokolov
Vol 59, No 8 (2016) Application of model of mixture of probabilistic distributions for definition of the signals of radiophysical probing Abstract
Alexey A. Kolchev, A. E. Nedopekin
Vol 54, No 4 (2011) Application of multi-layer structures of wafer-type made of composite materials for creating microwave antenna radomes Abstract
A. G. Girchenko, P. P. Skursky
Vol 59, No 2 (2016): Nanoelectronics Application of nanostructured silver film in multilayer contact system of Tі/Mo/Ag silicon photoconverters Abstract
Viktoriia V. Koval, Anatoliy V. Ivashchuk, Yuriy I. Yakymenko, Mykhaylo G. Dusheyko, Yuriy V. Yasievich, Gennadiy S. Khrypunov, Yevgen I. Sokol
Vol 32, No 11 (1989) Application of nonlinear spectra-analysis methods for the resolution and estimation of the angular coordinates of targets Abstract
A. I. Demchenko, V. S. Speranskii, Yu. N. Khokhlov
Vol 55, No 2 (2012) Application of optics-geometrical method in short-range optical radar Abstract
I. A. Ivanchenko, Ya. I. Lepikh, L. M. Budiyanskaya
Vol 32, No 11 (1989) Application of power-spectrum estimation in the Vilenkin-Christenson-Functions (VCF) basis for finding the weighting vector of an M-ary filter Abstract
V. V. Sumtsov
Vol 57, No 12 (2014) Application of stochastic probing radio signals for the range-velocity ambiguity resolution in Doppler weather radars Abstract
Anatoliy Andreevich Mogyla
Vol 55, No 9 (2012) Application of techniques for separating anomalous samples during the processing of SW LFM signal Abstract
Alexey A. Kolchev, A. E. Nedopekin, D. V. Khober
Vol 60, No 6 (2017) Application of the maximum principle for the circuits optimization Abstract
A. M. Zemliak
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