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Vol 47, No 10 (2004): Military Radioelectronic Technologies The receiver for superlong-range pulse radar. Part 2 — J-correlation processing of signals Abstract
A. G. Sorochan
Vol 53, No 6 (2010) The reflection method with a change of sign in problems of the quality analysis of signal detection Abstract
D. V. Yevgrafov
Vol 55, No 7 (2012) The resolution of signals classes mixture, described by poly-Gaussian probability density distribution Abstract
Emir Ibatoulline
Vol 31, No 1 (1988) The resonance frequencies of an open slotted-waveguide resonator Abstract
Fedir M. Repa, P. Ya. Stepanenko, G. N. Shelamov
Vol 46, No 1 (2003) The robust algorithms for optimization of nonrecursive filter coefficients by the combined criterion of minimum mean-square error Abstract
S. N. Kirillov, S. M. Shubin
Vol 50, No 2 (2007) The shipborne passive multipositional radar complexes Abstract
M. I. Andrusenko, G. A. Iena, V. A. Shovgun
Vol 50, No 9 (2007): Rostov-on-Don Military Institute of the Rocket Troops The short information about Rostov-on-Don Military Institute of the Rocket Troops Abstract
V. Presnukhin
Vol 42, No 11 (1999): Satellite technologies of data transmission The single satellite system of data transmission of Ukraine: plans and implementation Abstract
K. S. Sunduchkov, A. A. Makarov, A. A. Negoda, V. G. Komarov, Mykhailo Ye. Ilchenko, A. G. Nezhurenko
Vol 54, No 5 (2011) The solution of inverse problems in the theory of optimal predistortion of signals Abstract
V. K. Marigodov
Vol 42, No 12 (1999): Satellite technologies of data transmission The spaceborne data processing of the "Kyi" multi-channel radiometric complex Abstract
S. A. Shilo
Vol 50, No 5 (2007) The space-time correlation of absolute errors in determination of coordinates of SRNS users in various geophysical conditions Abstract
V. V. Demyanov, I. F. Gamayunov, E. L. Afraimovich, A. M. Aleshechkin
Vol 47, No 1 (2004) The structure of solutions to the problem of synthesis of a linear microstrip antenna array with the use of energy criterion Abstract
P. A. Savenko, M. D. Tkach
Vol 48, No 12 (2005) The time delay lines in the J-correlation method of direction finding Abstract
A. G. Sorochan
Vol 52, No 8 (2009) The use of atomic functions in the Choi-Williams analysis of ultrawideband signals Abstract
Oleh V. Lazorenko
Vol 47, No 4 (2004) The use of bandpass filters for modification of the zero method of measurements in microwave radiometers Abstract
A. V. Filatov
Vol 54, No 3 (2011) The use of BDS statistics for estimating the parameters of chaotic mappings and regular signals in the presence of noise Abstract
Pavlo Yu. Kostenko, K. S. Vasiuta
Vol 53, No 6 (2010) The use of Doppler radars for studying the turbulence of air masses in clouds Abstract
Vladislav I. Lutsenko, Irina V. Lutsenko, Nguyen Xuan Anh
Vol 47, No 3 (2004): Military Radioelectronic Technologies The use of empirical optimization methods in navigational problems under scarce measurement data conditions Abstract
T. O. Myslivtsev
Vol 50, No 9 (2007): Rostov-on-Don Military Institute of the Rocket Troops The use of Gaussian approximation for the solution of suboptimal control of radio system state vector problem Abstract
V. A. Pogorelov
Vol 52, No 4 (2009) The use of plane normal as a selection criterion for multiple target bearings Abstract
Yury G. Bulychev, I. A. Babushkin, L. I. Borodin, V. A. Golovskoy, Aleksandr A. Mozol
Vol 53, No 10 (2010) The use of the nonstationary Volterra series tool for multifrequency analysis of a semiconductor parametric amplifier Abstract
Anatoly M. Bobreshov, L. I. Averina, Nina N. Mymrikova, A. V. Tagiev, D. V. Gluschenko
Vol 47, No 2 (2004) The use of whitening filters for clutter suppression in mobile radio-communication systems Abstract
A. V. Mikushin, A. V. Sedinin
Vol 42, No 11 (1999): Satellite technologies of data transmission The waveguide quasi-elliptical filter on two-mode resonators with the maximum steepness of the amplitude-frequency response Abstract
Valeriy V. Konin
Vol 49, No 8 (2006) The whispering-gallery waves in a disk dielectric resonator located on a dielectric substrate Abstract
Alexander Ya. Kirichenko, S. P. Martynyuk, A. P. Motornenko, I. G. Skuratovskiy
Vol 47, No 1 (2004) Theoretical and experimental estimation of angular resolving capacity of two-channel airborne antennas of ATM equipment Abstract
Ye. A. Stakhov
Vol 53, No 1 (2010) Theoretical study of cold start of magnetrons with secondary emission cathode Abstract
N. I. Avtomonov, D. M. Vavriv, S. V. Sosnytsky
Vol 54, No 4 (2011) Theoretical-game estimate of radiosystem's efficiency based on entropy approach Abstract
V. K. Marigodov
Vol 48, No 5 (2005) Theory and practice of measurements of antenna radiation characteristics in the near zone by the collimator method Abstract
V. I. Dranovskii, V. V. Ovsyanikov, V. M. Popel’
Vol 51, No 1 (2008) Theory of amplitude quantization of random signals Abstract
I. P. Knyshev
Vol 50, No 7 (2007) Therapeutist’s electronic tester Abstract
M. D. Skubilin, A. V. Fomichov
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